Maybe you’re at a BEGINNING …

This is an exciting time!  There’s so much potential.  The “pages” of this chapter are blank and waiting for you to fill them.

But what will that look like?

How do you want this chapter of your story to go when you look back and “read” it one day?

What do you really envision as you start this new beginning?

Maybe you’re starting a new job, or pursuing a new career…

…What are your strengths?  How has God wired you?  What would bring you joy and fulfillment?  What kinds of roles and responsibilities would best fit you?  What would an ideal work day include?  What are your goals and vision for this next phase of your work life?

Or you’re in a new relationship…

…What kind of relationship do you want that to be?  How could you be intentional and live out God’s ideal plan for this relationship?

Maybe your child has left home or recently married…

…You’ve closed that parenting chapter of your life and now you begin a new chapter with a new relationship with them.  What do you want that to look like?  If there’s a son-in-law or daughter-in-law, what do you want that relationship to look like?  What changes do you need to make as you adjust to this new chapter?

What if you’re tired of the way an area of your life has gone and you’re ready to make a change once and for all.

…What will be different about you when you reach your goal?  What is your “why” that will keep you going?  What obstacles could get in the way?  Whom do you need to be in order to make this happen?  What accountability do you need to put in place?  You can do this!  This is the beginning of that “new you” you’ve been dreaming of!

There are so many BEGINNINGS in our life!

I only named a few examples.

I’m sure you can think of hundreds more.

What beginnings do you have right now?

What would it look like to BEGIN well?

New beginnings…

  • new baby
  • new spouse
  • new grandbaby
  • becoming a parent of a child with special needs
  • adoption
  • buying a home
  • entering the military
  • starting college
  • starting a health and wellness journey
  • life after a divorce 
  • new diagnosis from your doctor
  • re-entering the workplace after raising children
  • taking on a leadership position
  • heading to the mission field
  • moving to and beginning a new ministry role
  • moving to a new home / town / state / country
  • newly widowed
  • learning to live without someone you love
  • empty-nesting
  • retiring
  • starting something you’ve always wanted to do
  • making a lifestyle change

We all have new beginnings in our life!

The possibilities are endless.  

New beginnings…

Would you like to live them well?

Would you like to live out God’s plan for your new beginnings?

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Your pages are waiting to be written!  How will you write them?